Is This Earthquake Our Next Billion Dollar Disaster??

On August 23, 2011, residents all up and down the eastern seaboard were rattled by the 5.8 earthquake.  Looking at the tweets from around the country you could see the incredible volume on the east coast, and a good number of mocking comments from the west coast talking about “how you don’t know what real earthquakes are like”.

But there’s one thing that both the Bay Area and the Megalopolis of the Northeast have in common.  In the past 25 years, both have been affected by relatively distant earthquakes and people believe they’re prepared for a big event since they’ve “lived through” that previous event.  I know I’ll get slack for comparing the East Coast to the West Coast, but the perception that “I’ve been through this before” can be one of the greatest challenges facing personal preparedness (Second is “I’ve never seen it, so it’s never happened here before”) Continue reading