Crowd Sourcing Tropical Systems Using the Dvorak Technique

CycloneCenter uses the Dvorak Technique to classify systems.  For more information, please visit:

As the first blog post of 2013, I wanted to share a link I recently discovered that incorporates trends in data, crowd sourcing, weather and science.  Regardless of your experience, age or background, this post is for you – you can have a part in determining the strength of a tropical system.

Have you ever wondered how scientists classify tropical systems?  Usually that involves analyzing numerous observations from land or ocean systems, flying aircraft into systems, taking measurements  through upper air balloons, etc.  However one tool that they use is a technique known as the Dvorak Technique, named after Vernon Dvorak.  Dvorak discovered that the intensity of a tropical cyclone could be skillfully approximated by the cloud patterns on a single satellite image and he developed and improved his method (now called the “Dvorak Technique”) in the 1970s and early 1980s.

The technique consists of a set of 10 steps, which can be simplified to produce the answers to four important questions: Continue reading