Tornado Devastates Moore Oklahoma – Preliminary Path Map (Unofficial)

I’m going to keep this short because everyone else is already covering this, but I needed to pass this on.  As you already know, a violent tornado tracked through Moore, OK earlier this afternoon (May 20, 2013).  When things calm down more, I’ll try to write up more on this event later, but the map below was created based on the radar data from the FAA TDWR radar site in Oklahoma City (TOKC).

The map has interactive bookmarks for some of the facilities impacted that being broadcast over the media (schools and other large facilities).

PRELIMINARY Map of the Tornado Path for the 5/20/2013 Moore, Oklahoma
Based off of FAA TDWR Radar Scans of the Tornado from TOKC
(This is not an official product)

For more current information, please follow local media outlets and state and local officials.


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This year has been an interesting one, especially for natural disasters.  We’ve seen incredible disaster stories showing tragedy and destruction; amazing stories of community and the resiliency of the human spirit; and many lessons learned about personal and community awareness that goes from observation to action.  Each of these situations is unique, yet there are commonalities between each of them.

Over the past month, I have had several people come up to me and ask if I had a blog – a place to share all these ideas that are stuck up in my head.  After about a week of thought, I decided to create this site. Continue reading