32 Maps that Explain the World

GREAT post from Business Insider.  For those of you who love maps, current events, politics, social media, pretty much any hot topic, you’ll find at least one of these 32 maps hitting on key point of interest.  Definitely worth your time to look through and see the visual representations of the world around us!

32 Maps that Explain the Entire World

Maps That Explain The World – Business Insider.


Can Big Data Help Streamline Government?

Yesterday, I read a good article about #BigData from Tibco.  The article is entitled “The 4 Biggest Problems with Big Data“.  The four main points are critical for business growth and profitability as well as for addressing key gaps in marketing and outreach capabilities.  These are great concepts for businesses that have profit/loss numbers that determine whether or not the companies survive.  However when we look at the incredible amounts of information, regulations, laws, documents, as well as the diversity of programs that government creates and runs at federal, state and local levels, I often wonder why I have not seen so many more people preaching the message of Big Data as a means to streamline government? Continue reading