72 Hours Into the Event – Nearly 2 Million Customers in the Dark from June 29th Derecho

This has definitely been a significant weather event from the Chicago area through the Upper Midwest and into the Mid-Atlantic.  Throughout the evening of June 29th and into the early morning hours of June 30th, as many as 4 million power customers from Indiana to Virginia lost power as a result of a phenomenon called a derecho.  A derecho is a widespread damaging wind event that lasts for many hours and spans hundreds of miles.  With temperatures in the upper 90’s to near 100 in many of these areas over the coming days, it will be imperative for communities to work together to address the needs.  Please check in on those who are particularly vulnerable to extreme heat.  Remember that each customer without power represents a business, facility or a household, and that many more people are impacted.  Please stay safe, and bring the best out in your communities.  This is an opportunity to help one another recover.

UPDATE: 7/2/2012 900pm ET / 800pm CT

Nearly 2 million customers still in the dark.  Numbers are improving slightly, down slightly from the more than 4 million customers out overnight, but will likely contin`ue for several days.

Significant Power Outages (10k+) By Electricity Provider:

  • Maryland / DC (375,000+)
    • 189,506 – Baltimore Gas & Electric
    • 179,847 – PEPCO
  • Ohio (~400,000+)
    • 367,155 – AEP Ohio
    •   10,334 – Dayton Power & Light
  • Virginia (~400,000+)
    • 173,497 – Dominion Virginia Power
    • 150,302 – Appalachian Power
  • West Virginia (525,000+)
    • 236,234 – Appalachian Power
    • 161,207 – Potomac Edison
  • New Jersey (75,000+)
    • 78,451 – Atlantic City Electric
  • Indiana (40,000+)
    •   42,465 – Indiana & Michigan Power

Radar/Satellite Loops of the 10/17/2011 Lubbock, TX Haboob

In the afternoon of October 17th, there was a significant dust storm that impacted the Lubbock, Texas area. This dust storm or “haboob” has caused at least 17 reports of winds above 50kt (58mph).  Below are several views of the data from various sources: