Heroes of Isaac – Team Braithwaite Foundation – Facing and Overcoming The Storms


You need to read this story because it embodies the challenges we face, and how we each can respond.  This is definitely a story that needs to be shared with as many people as possible, not because of the tragedy, but because of the American spirit embodied in this story – We help one another, we step up in times of trouble, and when we’re hit and knocked down, we get back up and keep going – just like the Shaffers in Braithwaite Louisiana.

After Hurricane Isaac, the Shaffer family set up the Team Braithwaite Foundation to help families impacted by Hurricane Isaac.  They’ve given clothes away, and received a number of donations from those who were not hit as hard by the storm.

But another storm hit this weekend when thieves stole nearly $15,000 worth of supplies meant for victims of the storm.“Thieves took the items, which were collected by the Team Braithwaite Foundation, from the Lynn Oaks School, located on Louisiana 39 near the St. Bernard-Plaquemines parish line.  All of the items collected by the foundation for infants, including numerous diapers, were stolen. Food and cleaning supplies were also stolen, according to the sheriff’s office.” (9/16 Article from NOLA.COM)

This isn’t just about supplies stolen from a foundation helping those affected by Hurricane Isaac in Plaquemines Parish.  You may not think that you know about the Team Braithwaite Foundation, but you really do know them.  This is the same Shaffer family (Jesse Sr/Jr) responsible for saving 120 people from Isaac’s flooding in Plaquemines when a levee known as “the wall” was overtopped during the storm.

Link to Fox8 Live (New Orleans) story and video.

During the height of the storm Jesse Shaffer Jr used technology to find those who needed to be rescued.  “I put it on Facebook. I said, ‘Message me, text message me.’ By the end of the day, I had 80 texts… addresses, locations of more individuals who had to be rescued.”

Now it’s our turn to do the same… share this story with your family, friends and via social media.  Let’s support Team Braithwaite by showing that the same spirit which they embody is also embodied by individuals and companies all across the country.

That foundation is accepting donations to help east bank residents rebuild their lives. Checks can be made out to the foundation and sent to 3237 Sugarmill Dr., Kenner, LA 70065, or to the Remix Bar at 103 W. St. Bernard Hwy., Chalmette, LA 70043.


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