Would you risk your life to save children you don’t even know? This ‘Hummer Hero’ did.

Distracted driving is extremely dangerous, and things could have been worse last month in Canada.  A driver was going 80kph (near 50mph) in a 30kph (<20mph).  Not only was he speeding at more than twice the speed limit, but because he was distracted, talking on his cell phone, he didn’t see four children in a crosswalk.  But thankfully for everyone, ‘Hummer Hero’ Darrell Krushelnicki did.  He could tell that the speeding car wasn’t going to stop, so reacting, he pulled his hummer in between the children and the speeding Pontiac, causing the crash that stopped the speeding car before it could hit the children.  Thankfully nobody was hurt, and police are praising the man as a hero, even recommending him for an award.  Read more here from TheBlaze.com.


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