Radar Derived Storm Paths from the 4/14/2012 Tornado Outbreak

Click the Image to Open an Interactive Map Depicting Rotation Paths for Spotter Confirmed Tornadoes

[UPDATED: 4/17/2012 – 12am CT – Several National Weather Service Forecast Offices have completed preliminary storm surveys.  The product I created Saturday evening has been verifying very well, especially with the long-tracked storms.  Comparisons will be added for each tornado below.]

First off.. my thoughts and prayers are with all those impacted by today’s tornadoes, especially in Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Iowa.  I’ve put together path tracks of the tornadoes based on radar data.

I hope this has helped some people today save lives, and in the days to come, I hope it helps people recover faster from the storms.

Below is an interactive map that is based on spotter confirmed significant tornadic storms.  The points on the map UNOFFICIALLY depict the most likely areas where a tornado went based on radar products from the National Weather Service.  It will likely take several days for authorities in the area to fully assess the damage, but in the mean time, I hope this helps people as a starting point.  Once official damage surveys are released, I’ll be merging them into the map. Also, please note that while the radar may indicate a continuous path, detailed damage assessments and storm surveys may end up splitting these storms into separate tornadoes.

Communities will rebuild, but sharing this information may help people visualize the impact of the event, and hopefully spur people on to helping their fellow citizens.  Again, my thoughts and prayers go out to so many people, especially those in the Kansas and Oklahoma.

The following storms and tornadoes have been added.

    • Woodward County, OK
      • Spotters, Media and OHP reported a LARGE TORNADO
      • My PRELIMINARY Radar Estimated Storm Path (Created 4/15/2012 0800am CT)
        • Radar Estimated Start Time: 4/15/2012 – 1209am CT
        • Radar Estimated End Time: 4/15/2012 – 1232am CT
        • Radar Estimated Start Point: 3.5 N of Keenan
        • Radar Estimated End Point: E330 Road and N2060 Road
        • Radar Estimated Path Length: ~20 Miles
        • Notes: Areas impacted include West and North of Woodward, OK.
      • PRELIMINARY NWS Storm Survey (4/16/2012 – 542pm CT)
        • Storm Survey Estimated Start Time: 4/14/2012 – 1150pm CT
        • Storm Survey Estimated End Time: 4/15/2012 – 1227am CT
        • Path Starting Point: 2 NE Arnett (Ellis County)
        • Path Ending Point: 4 North of Woodward (Woodward County)
        • Fatalities: 6
        • Injuries: 29
        • EF Scale Rating: EF-3 (PRELIMINARY)
        • Path Length: PENDING
        • Updated – NWS Norman Map of Preliminary NWS Damage Path Surveys
    • Sedgwick County, KS – 1000pm – 1045pm CT (Southeast Wichita / Oaklawn Tornado)
      • Spotters reported a LARGE VIOLENT TORNADO
      • My PRELIMINARY Radar Estimated Storm Path (Created 4/15/2012 100am CT)
        • Radar Estimated Start Time: 4/14/2012 – 1000pm CT
        • Radar Estimated End Time: 4/14/2012 – 1045pm CT
        • Radar Estimated Start Point: 2 SE of Clearwater
        • Radar Estimated End Point: 2 SE of Benton
        • Radar Estimated Path Length: ~20 Miles
        • Notes: Areas in rotation path include Southeast Wichita, SE of Clearwater, TDWR Radar Site (TICH), Haysville, Oaklawn, McConnell Air Force Base, Andover, Sunset Acres (~25 mile path)
      • PRELIMINARY NWS Storm Survey (4/15/2012 – 429pm CT)
        • EF Scale Rating: EF-3 (PRELIMINARY)
        • Path Length: PENDING
  • Sumner County, KS
    • Spotters reported multiple tornadoes:
      • Tornado 2 – 937pm – 956pm CT
        • Radar confirmed TORNADO DEBRIS SIGNATURE
        • Nearby Towns: SE of Conway Springs to Clearwater, KS (~10 mile path)
      • Tornado 1 – 910pm – 932pm CT
        • Radar confirmed TORNADO DEBRIS SIGNATURE
        • Nearby Towns: SE of Freeport, Argonia, Ewell, KS (~10-15 mile storm path)
  • Kiowa, Edwards, Stafford County, KS 830pm – 942pm CT
    • Areas Impacted: NW of Greensburg, Fellsburg, Macksville, Dilwyn, St. John, Hudson (~60 mile path) – Note: Radar could not differentiate between the two tornadoes as the end of tornado one occurred close to the beginning of tornado 2.
    • Tornado 1 – Fellsburg Tornado
      • NWS Dodge City – Tornado Damage Survey
        • Intensity EF3 (winds up to 140mph)
        • Path Length: 38 Miles
        • Path Width: Up to 1 Mile Wide
        • Tornado Started: 827pm CT
        • Tornado Ended: Time Not Specified
        • More info from NWS Dodge City
    • Tornado 2 – St. Johns Tornado
      • NWS Dodge City – Tornado Damage Survey
        • Intensity: EF3 (Winds Up to 140mph
        • Path Length: 42 miles
        • Path Width: Up to 1.5 miles wide
        • Tornado Started: 910pm ct
        • Tornado Ended: Time Not Specified
        • More info from NWS Dodge City
  • Alfafa, Grant Counties (OK) and Harper County, KS 828pm – 910pm CT
  • McPherson / Marion County KS – 803pm – 820pm CT
    • Spotters reported a WEDGE TORNADO
    • Areas Impacted: NW of Hesston, SE of Moundridge, NW of Goessel (~10 mile path)
  • Alfafa County, OK
    • Spotters reported multiple tornadoes
      • Tornado 2: Just S of Ingersoll to just W of Byron (~10 mile path) 800pm – 819pm CT
  • Union County, IA 700pm – 718pm CT (~10-15 mile storm path)
    • Damage reported near Greater Regional Medical Center and Southwestern Community College in Creston.  Damage appears to be consistent with a tornado, matching the signatures on radar.
    • Nearby Towns: Creston,
  • Rice, Ellsworth, Saline Counties, KS 533pm – 612pm CT
    • Spotters reported a LARGE WEDGE TORNADO
    • Nearby Towns: Crawford, Langley, SW of Salina (~30 mile radar-indicated storm path)
  • Hanston Tornado – Northern Ford and Hodgeman Counties, KS 200pm – 256pm CT
    • Nearby Towns: Orwell, Gray, Burdett (~30 mile radar-indicated storm path)
    • NWS Storm Survey Information
      • Intensity – EF1 (Winds near 105mph)
      • Path Length: 33 Miles
      • Path Width: Up to 150 yards wide
      • Tornado Time Formed: 157pm CT
      • Tornado Time Dissipated: 254pm CT
      • More info from NWS Dodge City

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