Connected Resources: Web 2.0 and Assembling the Virtual Choir

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Most of my posts are tied to natural disasters, mapping and bringing together people from various backgrounds to look at connected resources to solve problems facing the world.  Sometimes with such serious topics, we can lose sight of the incredible resources that we have with Web 2.0 technology to collaborate and bring together people from diverse backgrounds and interests in order to celebrate even in a world that is all to often chaotic.

Today, I was introduced to the Virtual Choir by Eric Whitacre.  The Virtual Choir has performed twice, and Virtual Choir 3.0 will be announced this coming week.  Below are several videos from the previous two Virtual Choirs.  One of the items that caught my attention was the way that singers were visually connected to one another in Virtual Choir 2.0.  They were assembled by country, creating a “map” of the singers showing the countries that were participating in the choir.  This type of data visualization is something that I have seen done for tweets, but I had never thought of doing this for individual videos or messages that paint a common picture – like what was done here.  Absolute GENIUS!  It’s truly something that adds to music, the visual display only enhances the incredible piece!

As you watch these videos, I hope that they move you towards a better understanding of the incredible potential of connecting not just information, but also ideas, thoughts and individuals with one another to help address common challenges, and to provide solutions that were previously thought to be impossible…


Virtual Choir 1.0 – Lux Aurumque

Singing Instructions by Eric Whitacre for Virtual Choir 2.0 – Sleep

Virtual Choir 2.0 – Sleep

Eric Whitacre Introduces the Virtual Choir

Eric Whitacre Speaking via TED.Com – Ideas Worth Sharing


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