NCDC Weather/Climate Toolkit BETA v 3.5.0 Released

The beta version of the National Climate Data Center (NCDC) Weather and Climate Toolkit (WCT) has been released and is now available for download from  This beta release adds support for several new functions including Level 2 and Level 3 Dual-Polarization products like the graphic below.  The tool is available for use in Windows, Mac OS/X and Unix/Linux environments.  I personally use the standalone download because it’s easier to save versions locally to test out the features of the newer release.

NEW Features in Version 3.5 –

Below are the new features from the WCT website:

NEXRAD Dual-Polarization support

The Level-2 Dual-Polarization moments and Level-3 Dual-Polarization products are now supported. For more information on dual-polarization and the new Level-3 NEXRAD products, please refer to:

Isosurface KMZ Generation

The generation and export of KMZ isosurfaces for Radial and Gridded Datasets is now supported. An isosurface is a three-dimensional equivalent of the two-dimensional contour line. Isosurfaces can be generated from gridded data that have a height dimension or Radial volume scan data such as Level-2 NEXRAD. The resulting KMZ can be visualized in KMZ viewers such as Google Earth.

CAPPI for Radial Radar Data

CAPPI (Constant Altitude Plan Position Indicator) – a constant altitude cross-section of Radar data. To create a CAPPI, select the desired CAPPI altitude from the Radial Properties window after loading a Radar volume scan data file. Data exports also allow the selection of a CAPPI altitude instead of a specific elevation angle.

NWS Radar Sites w/ Dual Polarization

Radar Sites w/ Dual Pole (RDA Build 12) has been installed at the following sites as of October 19, 2011:

  • Norman OK (KOUN)
  • Vance AFB OK (KVNX)
  • Phoenix AZ (KIWA)
  • Morehead City NC (KMHX)
  • Wichita KS (KICT)
  • Pittsburgh PH (KPBZ)
  • Langley Hill WA (KLGX)
  • Portland OR (KRTX)
  • Seattle WA (KATX)
  • Pendleton OR (KPDT)
  • Spokane WA (KOTX)

The following sites will receive the upgrade by the end of the year (Deployment Schedule at

  • Chicago IL (KLOT)
  • Billings MT (KBLX)
  • Amarillo TX (KAMA)
  • Gaylord/Alpena MI (KAPX)
  • Riverton WY (KRIW)
  • Cleveland OH (KCLE)
  • Atlanta GA (KFFC)
  • Goodland KS (KGLD)
  • Grand Rapids MI (KGRR)
  • Memphis TN (KNQA)
  • Boston MA (KBOX)
  • Dodge City KS (KDDC)
  • Tuscon AZ (KEMX)
  • Huntsville/Hytop AL (KHTX)
  • Melbourne FL (KMLB)

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