Is it Possible?? Interactive Wind Forecast Map???

It can’t be possible… I’m always going to have to go to the same website to see a text product and try to put together in my mind where the worst winds, rain or snow is going to be located.  It’s not possible to do this another way…

… Or Is It??? …

In previous post Quick Web Maps – How’d you do that???, I presented how interactive maps can be ArcGIS Online.  In today’s example, we are going to look at viewing the same Web Map except this time using ArcGIS Explorer Online.  (For more information on ArcGIS Explorer Online, follow the ESRI ArcGIS Online Blog.

Today’s map will look at wind speeds from the National Weather Service National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD).  The NDFD is the driver behind the NWS point and click forecasts where a user can enter their city/state or zip code (example below – North Platte, NE)

This text based product is something we’re all used to, but the NDFD drives the data behind the scenes.  NDFD Data can also be converted to shapefiles using a tool called DEGRIB.  The benefit of referencing this dataset is that it is what the National Weather Service is publishing as their official forecast.  Additionally, by referencing their WMS feeds, when the forecasts are updated and sent on to the NOAA NOWCOAST WMS feeds, that means that this map will continue to update as well.  This shows the value of web services by being able to create an application or set of applications that can reference data elsewhere that is consistently being updated.

Click the map below to open the wind speed forecast map / presentation in ArcGIS Explorer Online

ArcGIS Explorer Online Presentation / Map Showing Realtime & 12 Hour Forecast Wind Speeds


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