October Snow and Online Web Maps

October is finally here, and just in time we are having reports of snow in the Mid-Atlantic / Appalachian Mountains.  Earlier today, I saw a tweet  from Jim Cantore of the Weather Channel.

@jimcantore: I remain bullish on HEAVY WET #SNOW EVENT above 3500ft in WV,VA, & NC Sat nt thru Sun.More tree issue than anything

We don’t usually get snow this early, but it has been known to happen.  With that in mind, the main question comes up, “Well what is above 3500 feet???”  Enter GIS and some new functionality from ESRI’s ArcGIS Online.  In recent months, they have added the capability to load GPX tracks, Shapefiles, KML files and reference existing WMS and ESRI REST Services.  This past week, they added functionality to “Publish Maps” from ArcGIS Online.  Below is a quick map that was created in just over 2 hours using ArcGIS for Home and ArcGIS Online. There are different links for mobile devices and desktop browsers, but the doors that this will open for sharing geographic information are absolutely incredible!

Click to comment and provide feedback on the map application.

Click map below to launch the application

This map can also be viewed on mobile devices through your web browser (option 1) or through the ESRI App for iOS devices.

  1. View on Mobile Browser (iOS, Android, Blackberry)
  2. ESRI App from the Apple App Store

For the #SMEM and #GIS communities, keep an eye out.  This type of product will revolutionize how geographic information is shared!


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