Resources for SMEM – National Weather Service Products

There are a number of posts on the difficulties of using Social Media to disseminate National Weather Service products, but over the past several years, Iowa State University Department of Agronomy has been able to put together their IEMBOT tool.  IEMBOT messages are accessible in several ways:

  • HTML Interface
  • Twitter Accounts (@iembot_WFO) where WFO is the name of the NWS Forecast Office
  • RSS Feeds by NWS Forecast Office

IEMBOT is quite helpful and useful when trying to monitor what NWS Forecast Offices are disseminating.  Additionally, media and spotter reports are disseminated via Local Storm Reports (LSRs) as one of many products displayed by the IEMBOT product.

Finally, for those who are on the go, the twitter feeds are great to follow in lists.  This does not replace primary alerting systems like EAS and Weather Radio, but it serves as a potential tool to maintain awareness on the types of products that NWS Forecast Offices are disseminating, possibly assisting the #SMEM community in being more aware about what is occurring / being reported in our communities during major weather events.


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