Welcome to DisasterMapping / EMGIS

This year has been an interesting one, especially for natural disasters.  We’ve seen incredible disaster stories showing tragedy and destruction; amazing stories of community and the resiliency of the human spirit; and many lessons learned about personal and community awareness that goes from observation to action.  Each of these situations is unique, yet there are commonalities between each of them.

Over the past month, I have had several people come up to me and ask if I had a blog – a place to share all these ideas that are stuck up in my head.  After about a week of thought, I decided to create this site.

The goal of this blog is to connect people to resources, engaging the GIS, Emergency Management (EM) and Social Media for Emergency Management (SMEM) communities that is affected by weather or other environmental events and natural disasters.  While each of our actions are usually focused on mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery, those themes revolve around the common theme of hazards impacting our communities.

As members of these communities, we have common goals to help protect life and property.  That goal is only made possible by continued interaction among the community members and between the communities and a better understanding of resources to help us anticipate, learn from and respond to the various hazards that impact us.

I’m looking forward to posting resources that I have discovered and used through the years.  Additionally, from time to time I will take a current event and go back and reference previous historical events.  These case studies should help to provide context that we’ve seen some of these events before – just not in our lifetime.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or ideas.  Again, I’m looking forward to the interaction, and thank you for your interest and for taking time to participate in the discussion.


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